Role: Digital Programme Director & Product Management- managing the production and development of digital products for The Student Hotel taking in to consideration operations, Legal, UX and marketing strategy. Managing the build, content production and strategy of the TSHLife app which is in the app and Google Play stores now, an app for students living at The Student Hotel and managed the design process and rollout of The Student Hotel's new self check-in product.

CSR: worked with the CSR department as marketing support, working on impact projects in the hotel. Produced a video on waste and the circular economy (see below), worked with the team to update the Responsibility webpage, recorded a new voice over for one of the living labs videos, produced the Double World Cup football event along side Favela United, worked on the concept of the now named Innovation Light House project which TSH is part of, curated and hosted International Women's Day event.

Also programme directed the department's digital projects as well as managed the department's budget, hiring of staff and process refinement.

Agencies: Labrooms for design and Ireckon for build

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