What is your flight footprint?

Flight footprint 

Your 'flight footprint' is the amount of carbon you burn as an individual passenger when you travel for business or leisure by air. 

Whether you are a musician, a business traveller, a football fan, a city-break lover or someone that lives away from home you will be someone that probably has a large flight footprint. 

Flying green 

'Flying green' is the future of sustainable air travel. 184,000 flights have now flown on biofuel (IATA) which is a non-fossil based fuel which can reduce emissions by up to 80% on the life cycle.  Biofuel is currently 2-3 times more expensive than jet fuel and there is currently not enough supply to bring prices down, so although the environmental benefits are high, airlines are unable to commit to the switch and stay competitive. Flying green is a future consumer choice that we are working towards in order to decarbonise aviation. We believe that it is a joint effort concerning, not just airlines and fuel providers, but the UN, ICAO, UNWTO, European Commission, associations, national governments, corporations and you as a traveller and consumer with a choice. We will be actively working on giving you the choice to fly green, firstly through scaling up our R&D biofuel project in order to bring more innovation to the sector and then we'll be working with other stakeholders to work on the energy transition action plan. 

Would you pay more to fly green? I'm interested in finding out. If you want to join the discussion please get in touch to find our more.

Join the team 

If you are an avid traveller or maybe this is a topic you are passionate about, intrigued by or you love the 'Back to the Future' science of turning waste into jet fuel then please get in touch, here, as we are looking to grow the team and work with advocates who strongly believe in the innovation and have drive to push the agenda. 

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