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I have always loved innovation and campaigned for broadband in my village back in 2003 and was awarded by British Telecom for my efforts. I  was using an early version of Skype in 2000 and have always sought out ways to use tech to make life easier. 

I recently reread a piece of writing of mine from age 10 (or is it 82?) and realised I didn't like 'wasting time' from a young age so efficiency has played a big part in my work and life since I was little. 

I see the circular economy as another way to become smarter and more efficient with our systems and resources and am exploring these new principles. 

I do also like non-efficient fun. 

Work history 

I have worked in digital for over 10 years in London, Amsterdam and Sydney across advertising, publishing, marketing and market research. 

I switched careers to work as a consultant and researcher on the energy transition working closely with academia which led me to co-write a grant with the University of Amsterdam subsequently funded by Booking.com. The work I do for this project works towards decarbonising the aviation sector: 


This project has led me to set up www.flygreenalliance.org a consultancy working in carbon reduction in travel,  policy and more. 


Project Management

Digital/Video/Stills Production

Digital Marketing & Strategy 

Social Media

Operations Management 

PR, Public Affairs & Partnership Development 


Get in touch

If you need any support managing an up and coming project then please send an email to: hello@sarahwilkin.com or use the contact form and we can talk business! My CV is available upon request. 

Skill swaps 

If you are a start-up business and need digital advice or a new website then get in touch about a potential skill swap. I have really enjoyed teaching people to become more digitally savvy, trading skills and watching their businesses grow and would definitely be keen to do more; from personal trainers to stylists and swimming instructors. Feel free to email me for a chat about your plans!

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