Think talks - stories of ladies who disrupt in 2018! 

This was the title of the International Women's Day event that I co-hosted and curated while working at The Student Hotel, involving some talented speakers including: Rocky Hehakaija from Favela Street, Christina Moreno from She Matters and Jessica Perri, global advertising strategist, and hosted by Dayna Adelman, Communications Manager at HEINEKEN International. 

We had a good turn out and finished our night with a specially crafted IWD cocktail! 

Circular Economy tour & talk 

I took a group of Leeds University students studying Environmental and Sustainability Studies to visit Cafe de Ceuvel, an award winning energy self-sufficient circular initiative which has redeveloped an old shipping yard in North Amsterdam.

We also discussed social impact, careers in sustainability and sustainable travel projects such as

This was all possible because of Associate Professor at Leeds, Lucie Middlemiss. 

Panel Discussion at Ecole Hotel de Lausanne

I took part in a panel discussion along with other speakers working within hospitality with the students studying sustainability at EHL,  one of the leading international hotel schools in Switzerland.

We discussed waste management, the circular economy and sustainability and how they as future hotel managers can apply these principles in a real measurable way. 

Stakeholder Workshop - Jet Fuel from Waste 

I chaired a workshop hosted at where we discussed what the tipping point would be with regards to the production and use of sustainable aviation fuel. 

Port of Amsterdam, Q8 Petroleum Research & Technology, the Dutch Embassy and the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterial joined. VU University explained about their research into waste and policy in the Netherlands as a potential feedstock, and Shiju Raveendran, Associate Professor, from University of Amsterdam explained about the science behind the work on biofuel. 

Can tourism be circular? - BCW

At BCW, Brussels, I discussed the circular economy within tourism with Scandic Hotel and Brendan Burns, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee. I discussed how waste from tourism could be turned into aviation fuel to facilitate flight. 

We discussed conceptual ideas as well as waste, food management and behavioural change as ways to apply the principle in hospitality.  

UEFA, Hume Brophy and Boeing were in attended. 

CERN Humanitarian Hackathon, Geneva 

October 12-13th I was part of a hackathon at CERN discussing green conferencing and the role of remote vs in person in meeting. 

I attended as one of the business leads specialising in sustainable aviation fuel,  sustainable mobility, marketing and public affairs. 

Fly Green Alliance is looking forward to taking this work forward. 

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