Sustainable aviation jet fuel from organic waste

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Initially born out of not wanting to waste food, I have been building Jet Fuel from Waste with Dr Raveendran of the University of Amsterdam, our co-granted project which has been selected by through their Booking Cares scheme. will support our work within the waste-to-sustainable-jet-fuel space through funding. We will be consulting with them for the next year and will be given support and mentorship to progress the project. 

You can read about it here and on the Booking Cares blog

R&D Work 

There are two parts to our work. One part is a research project with UvA. Dr Raveendran will work on the innovation of waste to jet fuel (SAF) with a higher purpose of working towards Sustainable Development Goal 13 on climate action and be part of the innovation of the aviation fuel industry. There is a strong call to action from the industry to invest more in R&D and to scale-up as quickly as possible to meet global climate targets.  We will look into feedstock development, stated as one of the key factors in the successful move towards using sustainable aviation jet fuel.   

Circular Economy Consulting 

The other part of my work involves managing the consultancy. Our mission and overall aim is to work towards decarbonising the aviation sector, introducing the circular economy within tourism and creating consumer awareness around sustainable travel and flying green. 

Here we are looking into waste management, policy, social impact reporting, consumer thinking and financing of biofuel projects. 

We are looking to galvanise the energy transition and circular approaches within tourism. 

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