Neuro and emotional health work 

I am excited to be  in a project team with such great minds including Hendrik Saare – sound designer and researcher, Micheal Carthy and Tiffany Ballou – psychologists and with Teresa Atkin, Executive Coach. The team collectively bringing together experience and knowledge from many different disciplines and schools of academic thought.

We all have a passion to support personal development goals (PDGs) and a desire to bring tools and skills to the mainstream that support people to improve their relationships, communication skills, careers, neurological health, physical health and in the long term improve our overall emotional fitness. 

It is understood from experience the common reasons that people turn to therapy are due to having experienced trauma, having lack of purpose or meaning in their lives, having low self esteem or lack of empathy.  All completely treatable, not permanent and can be worked through with the right guidance. We believe no one needs to be in a stuck state, that therapy/training should be more accessible online and be available at a lower price. 

Our hope is to reduce avoidance, a common coping mechanism, through increasing awareness for those looking to improve, as well as increasing awareness of how to support someone in a decent way that may be struggling. 

We believe in a no nonsense approach, that you can train yourself to improve, that self compassion and empathy are important components and that with some work we can all begin to value and improve ourselves, our relationships, careers and our decision making further.

We are happy to be collaborating together on this work.

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