Favela United 

Work with Favela United 

I have been producing and working on PR for Favela United which is a Dutch youth NGO working in Mozambique. The Favela United programme teaches life skills as well as football skills, with the aim of reaching as many children as possible and encouraging #footballforchange. 

The #inclusiveworldcup, was a tournament organised by Favela United, which ran in parallel to the World Cup in Russia. During the 35 days over 100 goals were scored and celebrated, 1200 meals served and 20 educational workshops were organised. 500 kids, 30 coaches from all over Mozambique were involved, as well as 3000 fans and reaching over 1,000,000 viewers on social media. It was a huge success and supported by many

Park SCC

Park SCC donated 150 footballs to Favela United, through their pass-a-ball scheme, which were brought from Yorkshire to the Netherlands and then shipped on to Mozambique by the Dutch embassy. 

Why support Favela United? 

I have a personal belief in doing sport for all sorts of good including fitness, motivation, improvement of mental health and well being as well as being a driver for personal change, so when asked to help out Favela United out I was more than happy to and will continue to support their efforts. It was also good fun being part of the Inclusive World Cup unlike watching Croatia beat England 2-1 on 11th July! 


The 150 good quality balls donated by Park SSC will last this grassroots programme a whole 2 years. 

In 2018 there were no paid coaches. In 2019 there are now 5 paid coaches thanks to donations. 

Favela United is growing and so is its social impact. 

See more impact work at www.FGASports.org 

Local Support

This joint effort has been documented online and captured by some local press, on the photos below, and on the sportanddev.org site, and has been a great example of people helping others where they can. 

Upon request P&O Ferries shipped the balls from Hull to Rotterdam even personally picking them up from the distribution centre. Good work!


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